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     Deckers Bobcat Hire - Over charges and poor quality work

I should have asked for a quote but I thought a neighbour would give a fair and reasonable price. Deckers charged me $$$200 per hour when the local going rate is $$$90 to $$$120 per hour. Unfortunately the quality of the work was also sub s... Read more or comment

     Jagged Edge Hair Design - Zero Star Review

Very unhappy. The β€œhairstylist” Tanya was horrible. Cut was way shorter than I asked for and uneven to boot. Colour was blotchy and massive spots missed. Read more or comment

     Cannington Salvos Stores - Cannington salvo

Manager Brian is disgustingly rude Indian lady is rude and over charged me time for a management change Read more or comment

     Goan Cuisine - Chilli lime sambal and Eggplant chutney Pic

Picked up a bottle of chilli lime sambal and eggplant chutney from Springwood in the Blue Mountains last week. I hail from India and the flavours just blew me away. Although @ $$$ 15.75 per 360 gm bottle is a little enjoying every... Read more or comment

     GT Wholesale Motors - Conmen do not trust

All cars are from car Auctions made to look ok but if you buy you will need to spend money to get it right so be careful. Read more or comment

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