Beautiful relaxing and customer serviced orientated beauty salon. friendly, clean, professional and most of all the therapist will recommend the right treatments and skincare for your skin.

Melbourne #3,521 rating: 5/5

Paula was so lovely and really understood exactly what look I wanted. My family were very impressed by how natural I looked and I could not believe the flawless look she was able to create. Thank you so much Paula you ar... read more

Sydney #3,516 rating: 5/5

My favourite scents are lemongrass/lime, coconut and lime, Pomegranate mango and sweet orange essential oil. The fragrance go through the house. I love it!! Thanks Sabai Candles!

Melbourne #3,509 rating: 5/5

Love this place always take me in whenever I come thank you girls. Great and lovely service all the time will be back really soon need my hair done again

Sydney #3,506 rating: 5/5

a kilo for $15 of poor quality strawberries, yehhhhh right buddy, they tasted like trash. nah jk, they aight, but the one further down (1021) are way better xd

Perth #3,505 rating: 1/5

tried 2 elements colac as close by, paid $80.0.0 3 quarter hour received a oily back rub only ,very ,very oily felt like a Texas oil rig . Very basic massage . legs massaged using bath towel, Girl left room twice ,lost... read more

Colac #3,490 rating: 2/5

Gates open 24 hours when is the work done it's not now for my small amount of pallets sitting here for an hour an fa done

Melbourne #3,480 rating: 1/5

I've had my Cork Leaf yoga mat for just over 1 year now, and still just as in love with it as i was when i first bought it! The texture is better than any other mat i've praticed on. Feels grounded, soft, suppl... read more

Sydney #3,476 rating: 5/5

This store is an lovely experience and full of memories. The Old Sunken Vessel has many items from my child hood that I had forgotten about. I keep coming back - always some thing new

Drouin #3,474 rating: 5/5

Friendly staff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Brisbane #3,461 rating: 5/5