Not friendly at all just showing his extreme flea policy pretty much strict. Feels funny. I rather take mine to different one.

Southport #3,158 rating: 2/5

The manager of this store was so rude to my son today. He has a small receding hair line he is self-conscious about. He wanted a trendy style that was parted on the side. She yelled out loudly in front of everyone in ... read more

Brisbane #3,138 rating: 1/5

pencil pine park is the best place ive ever been too to ride my horse. they are very friendly but my only problem is that some people that come to visit dont treat it very well. some people leave the wash bays full of di... read more

Boneo #3,092 rating: 5/5

Quality table grapes, will satisfy your needs of marvellous delicious tasting table grapes. Great farm and environment to be around, also very friendly.

Euston #3,086 rating: 5/5

After booking a birthday party for my daughter months in advance and speaking on the phone the week of the party to confirm everything was good to go, the day of the party they never showed up. After calling to find out ... read more

Brisbane #3,081 rating: 1/5

Hey Booklovers, this Shop is definitely worth a visit. Very Quirky, Interesting, and staff very obliging and friendly. Lots of great books. Also Loved the knitted Faeries, Scarves and Tea Cosy on your counter. Do you ha... read more

Maldon #3,060 rating: 5/5

Paula is such a lovely person, she is so talented at what she does and doesn't stop until everything is absolutely perfect! These negative reviews are clearly from a jealous competitors! Sad!

Sydney #3,049 rating: 5/5

Purchased a phone from this company. Cheap compared to your local retailers. Will definitely buy from them again. I think they have a marketplace going on too, I noticed some products are from direct companies so that�... read more

#3,029 rating: 5/5

She took mine and other girls deposits and disappeared. She will not return calls, emails, instant messages. She is a horrible person. I recommend staying away from her! It seems only people that are writing good reviews... read more

Sydney #3,028 rating: 5/5

he takes your deposit and runs! She took my deposit for my WEDDING and when I booked in for trial she deactivated everything. DO NOT USE THIS WOMAN. Everything on her instagram is a lie!

Sydney #3,027 rating: 1/5