My daughter Krystal and myself cannot thank the Doctors And Nurses enough for saving my husbands life and being so kind to us all as a family. Thank you what a team?

Gold Coast #2,868 rating: 5/5

Poorly sign posted both physically and on the Toowoomba website. No one says you have to do the Paradote walk first to get to it. Lots of litter. Up slopes of track haven't been maintained in a long time. Lots of st... read more

Toowoomba #2,864 rating: 2/5

Absolutely rubbish. Do not use your car will not only be badly cleaned it will more than likely get damaged as mine did. Poor form.

Sydney #2,857 rating: 1/5

This café is the epitome of all food establishments. The service is disgusting and the food is way overpriced for 2nd class food. e.g. a calamari ring costs $2 a chicken wing is $2.50 each. The food is bland and taste... read more

Sydney #2,856 rating: 1/5

Extremely unhappy with what I received. Showed the hairdresser a photo of what I wanted, $200 she kept saying it would get lighter after a couple of washes. Colour was completely wrong, went red instead of caramel and wh... read more

Melbourne #2,853 rating: 1/5

We all got serious ear infections after swimming here. Apparently there's no proper sewerage in the hills and cows and other animals drink, wee and poo just up from the hole.

Coorabell #2,852 rating: 1/5

Thankyou you guys so much I have being geting hair extensions for over 8 years on the Gold Coast and finally I have found good quality I have tryed them all Look N Good Beauty your hair is the best :) thankyou c you next... read more

Gold Coast #2,846 rating: 5/5

Good friendly services at affordable prices ,always satisfied with work they do for me ,would highly recomended this place. Also I never find that they robbed me with any service. That's how their prices are. Also w... read more

Melbourne #2,839 rating: 5/5

I am incredibly upset getting home and often never get what i order, ask for crispy chicken get grilled ask for chicken bacon i god dam got a southwest BLT. I paid $29 for 3 meals, it's not that hard it tells you wh... read more

Geelong #2,824 rating: 1/5

It's January 1 and I do understand that it is a busy day, but the managenent could have foreseen that and made all the product available. Im with my nieces and nephews and they could only serve 1 mac spider and 5 mc... read more

Sydney #2,800 rating: 2/5