Satpal singh is one of the staff memebers in the gurudwara.. he does'nt know how to talk to sangat, i have had a couple of very bad experiences with him.. he should'nt be there as a staff member..

Melbourne #3,346 rating: 1/5

Please guide me haw to apply second home living at Australia, haw about fine job and house to stay longer ,what is benefit for Malaysian Hindu ,any bright future if we doing one business .thank you

Melbourne #3,328 rating: 3/5

I'd this ace a joke? Such a appealing setup yet a horrible display of character and workmanship. Paid $770 for a coating job and they had my car for 3 days, which I am not sure how much was done to my car over those... read more

Melbourne #2,906 rating: 1/5

Extremely unhappy with what I received. Showed the hairdresser a photo of what I wanted, $200 she kept saying it would get lighter after a couple of washes. Colour was completely wrong, went red instead of caramel and wh... read more

Melbourne #2,853 rating: 1/5

Good friendly services at affordable prices ,always satisfied with work they do for me ,would highly recomended this place. Also I never find that they robbed me with any service. That's how their prices are. Also w... read more

Melbourne #2,839 rating: 5/5

Will have to be the best outlet in Melbourne. Service fantastic friendly staff and sensational prices. They had items like ladies shoes baby blankets and heated socks.

Melbourne #2,704 rating: 5/5

How come such building is qualified!!!Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! too noisy!!!!! when there is wind, the whole apartment is very noisy!!!!!!! too noisy!!!!! when there is wind, the whole apartment is very noisy!!!!!!! too... read more

Melbourne #2,666 rating: 1/5

The only words that I could describe it is Breathtaking especially at night. From the 6 foot blue kangaroo boiling his billy over the open fire on the roof, to a 4 foot high storm trooper that comes alive. Amazing work... read more

Melbourne #2,479 rating: 5/5

Failed to turn up to do hair for a wedding. Booking confirmed three days prior. Turned phone off and blocks people on Facebook page when asked where she was.

Melbourne #2,438 rating: 1/5

The phone number doesn't work, the eftpos doesn't work. Unbelievably cold customer service. It's simply not worth the effort for a mediocre & expensive falafel. Best avoided

Melbourne #2,427 rating: 1/5