order a jacket - wrong size came in, completely stuffed around, she told me one thing, then asked me to pick it up at 1am!! because she "was too busy" ... ride, quality is terrible... don't bother, the ser... read more

Melbourne #3,677 rating: 1/5

what to review, when there is nothing to review at all... why dont you provide more details and plans

Melbourne #3,596 rating: 1/5

best ever with friendly service and quality for money,hi johnny sorry not been there of late lol I have life time ban.management banned me because I took out legal action regarding my injury so anyone gets injured there ... read more

Melbourne #3,551 rating: 5/5

Pakenham central plaza is managed by Colliers properties and not owners but only manage centre for owners.manager Sarah Bridle is on an ego trip perhaps to cover her uglyness and does not like people picking out health a... read more

Melbourne #3,550 rating: 1/5

Thanks to Nat my hair is looking amazing. She took the time to get my hair just right. Beautiful color touch up and cut. She's the best!!!! Oh and yes I will be back to see her again. —

Melbourne #3,545 rating: 5/5

Beautiful relaxing and customer serviced orientated beauty salon. friendly, clean, professional and most of all the therapist will recommend the right treatments and skincare for your skin.

Melbourne #3,521 rating: 5/5

My favourite scents are lemongrass/lime, coconut and lime, Pomegranate mango and sweet orange essential oil. The fragrance go through the house. I love it!! Thanks Sabai Candles!

Melbourne #3,509 rating: 5/5

Gates open 24 hours when is the work done it's not now for my small amount of pallets sitting here for an hour an fa done

Melbourne #3,480 rating: 1/5

getting a booking, your website does not work, the phone system was not good and confirming my booking did not happen. Poor Show and poor service

Melbourne #3,428 rating: 1/5

Traveling salesman abused by the daughter. I feel sorry for the ones who didn't get out as lucky as me, I feel really bad for them.

Melbourne #3,405 rating: 1/5