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     Hungry Jack's Head Office - Bugs in the food

If you like eating bugs Hungry Jacks Helensvale in the place to go this is the burger I got tonight. with a bug for no extra cost, ring up to complain just told sorry we cant give you the state manager contact email or phone or a place you... Read more or comment

     Marina Radiology Berwick - Professional yet Sensitive

I was extremely inpressed with my recent visit to Marina. I found the Ultrasound Technicians to be be very professional and yet sensitive and understanding with my being uncomfortable with a particular procedure. It was pleasant to be treat... Read more or comment

     Scoop & Weigh @ Coles - Package sizes too LARGE!!!

Hi there, Prior to COVID-19, I would have given you a 5-star rating. But now that your products are packaged up for us (a good thing), I want to complain about the way you're packaging them . . . in too large quantities. Not everyone wants... Read more or comment

     Australia Post Letters Centre - Missing Post

Dear Sir/Madam, I live in Somerville, and I have found that 3 cards which I have sent have not reached their destination. Two of these cards have been sent to Glasgow, Scotland and one has been sent to Lower Plenty. Also a card which was... Read more or comment

     Trieste Social Club Melbourne - Special Meeting

I Vismara Gabriele am working today, encase I do make the meeting, I give my proxy vote to Renato Committee. I praise this committee for the work they have achieve in such a short period of time, congratulations keep up the great work. Read more or comment

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Reviews from other cities

     Pure Makeup & Beauty - Best in Bendigo

Kianna is punctual, caring and most importantly a very precise and knowledgeable makeup artist. She certainly allowed me to show my best face to the world on my special day. Read more or comment

     Healthview Dental - Extremely happy with my decision to choose Healthview Dental.

Extremely happy with my decision to choose Healthview Dental. I haven't been able to care for my teeth as well as I would have liked in recent years, and I have received zero judgement & 100% support since I've trusted these guys with my ca... Read more or comment

     Hale Oney - Feng Shui Consultation

We have worked with Miss Hale from Blessed Blue on the holistic and green design of our new family home. Using Feng Shui architecture and design has changed or lives in such a profound way, Miss Hale is one of the most knowledgeable people... Read more or comment

     Paprika Design - Beware Girls - Don’t apply for Job at Paprika Design

Hi, I am Maria. I used to work with Paprika Design and it was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. And I am here to share it with all the women out there, so they don’t have to go through whatever I have gone through. I had... Read more or comment

     Gorilla Offroad - Rude, arrogant, no customer service, poor workmanship

Don't expect any customer service if/when you have issues after your visit here. Mike is extremely rude, aggressive and immature by nature, he will hang up on you if you try and raise any issues/concerns, that was my experience. I had these... Read more or comment