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AVOID THIS STORE - they do not answer the phone. In store you will be rudely greeted by Carla and "put in a queue" for up to 2 hours before you can ask a question. They would not replace a faulty battery for my... read more

#2,242 rating: 1/5

We arrived at 6.30pm and it was nowhere near full and they said they'd have to check if they had room. They sat us at the wobbly table. We saw 2 lots of people leave the table next to us because it was ridiculously ... read more

#1,108 rating: 1/5

More like a quality restaurant than a cafe. Stews with mash, Quiche and Salad, Gourmet Burgers and chips, Best Scones with Jam and cream, selection of cakes, gluten free, dietary options. Now also doing dinners Thursda... read more

#513 rating: 5/5

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